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Immigration Services


At Flash Tax Service, our professional staff provides the community with immigration services. We assist you with filing your application the accurate way for a fraction from what lawyers charge.  There are many requirements to be aware of when putting together your application package and each component has to be completed properly, or your application will be denied.  Our professional staff can walk you thru every step of the process.

How To Know Which US Visa is the Right One for You

  • The first thing to determine is whether you are visiting the States temporarily or whether you are seeking permanent residence.US visas are split into two categories:
    1. Immigrant Visas
    2. Non-Immigrant Visas


    Next, depending on the type of visa you need, you’ll have to learn about:

    • Where you need to apply
    • Which requirements  are necessary
    • The documents needed for applying

    ” Contact us today to learn more about how our professional staff can properly prepare your paperwork “

–  US Citizenship.

Have you met the requirements for the US citizenship? What are you waiting for? Visit us today to assist you with your US citizenship application.

–   Green Card.

Do you have a US citizen relative? Or did you just get married to a US citizen? Visit us today to apply for your green card (Permanent Residence).

Your Green Card Options:

Family Based Green Card Petitions

Employment Based Green Card Petitions

Green Card lottery

–  Work Authorization.

Are you living in the US but don’t have your green card yet? Find out if you qualify to obtain a work authorization card.

–  Temporary Protected Status. (Specific Countries)

If you are currently visiting the US and originally from: Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Nicaragua, Honduras, or Haiti; you might qualify for TPS.


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