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Individual Tax


Every year you have to file your income tax return with the IRS and the state you reside in. Get your income tax return prepared accurately & professionally at Flash Tax Service.
Flash Tax Service is an authorized efile provider by IRS; therefore, your return will be efiled to IRS& state. We will be notified within 7-12 hours from transmitting your return if it got accepted.


At Flash Tax Service, we can deduct the tax preparation fees from your refund; a peace of mind to your wallet.

“Call us today to help you settle with IRS for a fraction of what you owe”

Schedule an appointment with one of our professional staff, we can help you.

IRS has changed their laws; people were able to use their last check stubs to file their income tax returns. With the new updates and changes, you must have your actual W-2 in order to transmit your return. We can help download your W-2 online.

Yes you can; however, in order for us to file your self-employment you must have all of the following:
– A proof of operating a business
You should have one of the following:
1. Business License
2. Advertising Flyer
3. Business Card

-A proof of receiving income

You should have one of the following:
1. Bank Statements.
2. Receipts.
3. Transaction Book. (Log Book)
4. Summary of Income & Expenses.

At flash tax service, we offer several options to collect your refund:
– Regular Check
– Direct Deposit
– Diamond Visa Card

The IRS is legally required to take certain steps to collect your balance due.

• Your refund can be used to offset your bill.
• A federal tax lien can be filed against your property.
• Your salary/accounts can be seized through a tax levy.
• You can be served a summons to provide information.